NEW > Keysight Technologies' 5530 Dynamic Calibrator

With its precision of 0.4 ppm, the KEYSIGHT 5530 laser measuring system offers performance levels which are unequalled on today's market.

This equipment is the latest in the KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES range, introduced by HP in 1970 (5526, 5528 and 5529 ranges) and AGILENT (5529A and 5530). 

Strong points:

  • Laser source whose performance is widely recognised by the industry.
  • Heterodyne mode providing optimal stability.

  • Stainless-steel tripod guaranteeing unequalled ease of alignment and operation. 

  • High reliability, exceeding 50,000 hours (MTBF). 

Ease of use
  • 2 USB modules, Windows software requiring no additional training for current users.

  • High-stability optics, due to the use of a stainless-steel frame.

Low space requirement and light weight
  • For its transport, the system fits into a single carry case. 

Wide selection of optics 

  • Whole range of optics for linear, time-based, diagonal, angular, 360° rotation, flatness, straightness, parallelism and squareness measurements.

Rotary axis measurements kits
  • The 55290B rotary axis measurement kit calibrates rotational axes in turning and machining centers. It can perform calibrations on full, partial or multiple rotations and proves extremely easy to use.

Upgrade kits for HP 5528A and 5529A
  • Upgrade kits are available for your Hewlett-Packard HP 5528A and HP 5529A and for the Agilent 5529A to perform your system.

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Dynamic Calibrator laser measurement

Laser measurement

Carry case

55290B 360° measuring system