A comprehensive laser interferometry offer

CONTRÔLE LASER MESURE is a distributor of KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES' laser-based metrology systems, which perpetuate HEWLETT-PACKARD and AGILENT's long line of global benchmarks in the field of measurement: HP 5526A, HP 5527A, HP 5528A, HP 5529A and 5530.

CLM has the most comprehensive laser interferometry offer on the market in terms of:

  • dynamic calibrator to check your production and measuring equipment

  • customizable, integrated interferometry systems for your single-axis, multi-axis, linear and angular measuring requirements
  • associated services, ranging from design to installation and user training
  • equipment rental with the services of an on-site operator to take your measurements. 

Our range of KEYSIGHT laser systems and on-site services meet the requirements of users of machine-tools and measuring machines.

Recognised expertise and a diversified clientele

Through over 25 years of experience, CLM has earned a solid reputation in the field of laser interferometry.

CLM is ISO 9001:2015 certified. It controls and/or calibrates nearly 3,800 machines across over 1000 industrial sites.


CLM has a diversified clientele in France and in other countries:

  • large manufacturing companies (mechanics, automobile, electronics, etc.) 
  • SMEs
  • research laboratories
  • service companies

CLM is your indispensable measuring partner

CLM kilometers for your microns

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